Uses of mutton tallow

Mutton tallow is more commonly known as animal fat. This is the most popular ingredient used for frying meats and other goods that are not vegetarian. Mutton tallow has been used across the ages for a multitude of purposes. However, its use in most medicinal purposes is not defunct, since there are so many more superior and better remedial measures available for the same things. For instance, mutton tallow was popularly used in a remedy for chest congestion. It was mixed with a couple of other ingredients and brewed over a slow fire, and this was used to apply to the chest of a severely congested person. As the old saying went, you had to apply this while it was warm and then too while the person was sitting up. This way, the phlegm would be forced to escape through a fit of severe coughing. Mutton tallow was supposed to be mixed with turpentine and lard and then applied. Needless to say, that this is no longer a very desirable remedy if you are suffering from chest congestion. There are many more remedies, which are far superior, and do not involve applying hot to warm poultices on the chest.

Mutton tallow is also used to massage tough and hard hands. This will help to soften the skin by penetrating deep into the dead and hard skin that has accumulated. In a lot of cases, mutton tallow is used because it is considered to be the poor man's cosmetic. Due to its low cost and easy availability, it can be used quite effectively for this purpose. Mutton tallow is also a prime ingredient used in a lot of cheap cosmetics. Again, the low cost and easy availability can be attributed to the cause. It is important that you know the proportions that have to be used, particularly if you are using mutton tallow for any other medicinal purpose. The reason for this is that adding too little can cause active ingredients like turpentine to become stronger. Sometimes, this can have adverse effects and worsen the condition you are trying to treat instead of making it better. So before you go about trying to make free use of this for medicinal purposes, please make sure you have the ratios handy. Another use for mutton tallow in the household is to blue laundry. Since this practice has become almost extinct due to being so archaic, this use is also now defunct.

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