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I have become very skinny in recent years, but was average few years back. I just want to get my figure back. Is it possible as I don't gain weight even after eating much. Is this because my BMR is high? How can I gain weight? I am little bit impatient

You should consider the possibility that there could be medical causes behind your recent weight loss. Why don't you visit your doctor so that he or she can look you over and examine your medical history? Weight gain not only depends on how much you eat but also on the kinds of foods you opt for. While you may be slightly impatient, you should realize that sudden weight gain can disturb your body's balance, as much as sudden weight loss can. Also, your choice of food, drink and activities will determine whether you get your old figure back or you gain an unattractive one. If you make unhealthy choices to bulk up, chances are that you will end up with layers of fat in the wrong places. Also, your high BMR (Basal metabolic rate) simply necessitates a higher calorific requirement. Typically, if you weigh more, the corresponding BMR should be higher. In order to get some lean bodyweight, you will have to correct your daily calorie intake such that you consume a greater number than you burn. You also don't want to end up with additional body fat. Remember that this calorie modification should be a gradual process. You need to give your metabolism enough leeway to adjust to the new calorie levels.

To being with, eat a minimum of three basic meals. Make each meal count as a healthy one. You don't have to overfeed yourself. A healthy selection of snacks in the course of your day can help. Instead of that artificially flavored soda with nothing but empty calories, drink natural options like juice and milk. Even then, try to avoid superfluous fats. Protein should be a factor in most meals. Look for ways to augment the caloric worth of each meal. For instance, casseroles can be prepared with some powdered milk. Butter or margarine can be great at breakfast, in moderation, but ensure that it's trans fat-free. Make a list of calorie-dense foods. This means options like bananas and potatoes. Once you have a list ready, find different ways to prepare such foods. Remember that fat isn't to be wholly avoided. It is beneficial in your case, but with temperance. If you think exercise is just for people who aim to become skinny, think again. There is just no escaping exercise. However, look to gain muscle. Don't exert excessively because you'll need to supplement the calorie loss with food intake.

answered by M W

There are so many people across the world struggling with their weight. Out of these people, a majority are those who want to lose their weight and get in shape. There are however, those like yourself who want to gain weight and get in shape too.

Before we move on to discuss how you can gain weight, it is important for you to know whether you are underweight or not. It's quite simple actually. Your Body Mass Index is calculated by a simple formula:

BMI = Weight in kilograms/ (height in meters)2

If your BMI is less than 18.5, only then are you underweight, otherwise you don't need to worry about your weight.

Now let's come to the cause of your weight loss. To maintain good health, the body's ideal weight has to be maintained. Though an increased Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) can be the cause of your weight loss, a rapid loss in weight can also be attributed to an ailment. A poor diet or an increase in exertion can also be reasons for your weight loss. If you continue to experience weight loss, you should consult a doctor and get yourself medically checked up.

The mantra for gaining weight is to make smart choices in your eating habits. There are many supplements that are available in the market but none of them really compare to natural weight gain methods. The basic rules remains but one, ingest more than you expend, so that the balance tilts in your favor.

Start by increasing your calorie intake. Just increase the portion of each meal that you consume and try to add a full whole meal to your normal number. Include more of dairy products and meats in your daily intake. Take less of carbohydrates and replace vegetables with eggs. Try to include food that is richer in protein in your diet. Peas, pulses, and sprouted seeds should be eaten more. You could also eat more of starchy food materials like potatoes, yams, and tapioca.

Between meals, snack on calorie dense snacks. It may not necessarily be junk food. Yogurt, cereal bars, dry fruits, and muffins are some high calorie snack options.

Drink lots of energy drinks, fresh fruit juices, and fluids like coconut milk and water. Consult your gym trainer to start muscle gain exercises. These are specific exercises that help you gain mass in specific areas of your body.

You have to be patient about this. Just like losing weight, gaining weight can also take a lot of time—months, even years at a stretch. Being impatient will only make you feel depressed about the slow progress. Be consistent in your efforts and don't quit just because you can't see any changes in the first few months. With consistency, you will be able to change the way you look and feel.

answered by G M

There could be a variety of reasons to explain this loss of weight. This may be due to the added responsibilities of your life, the stress that you have to bear every single day or even due to some illness. All of these can cause changes to your body's metabolism so that you lose weight and fail to gain it despite many attempts. If you notice that you are losing weight very rapidly, then you should consider consulting a doctor. Rapid loss of weight is not a good sign under any circumstances and should be investigated at the very earliest.

You should remember that it does not matter if you are skinny or fat. Therefore, you should stop worrying about being skinny and instead make attempts to be healthy individual. For this you should first of all begin eating healthy. Your diet should include healthy food items like fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, whole grains, nuts, sprouted lentils and other such things. Food items which contain white flour should be avoided. This means that you should stop eating white bread and opt for the healthier and tastier brown version. Similarly, you should stop eating unhealthy fried and spicy snacks. Instead you should munch on fresh fruits. Drink natural fruit juices in place of tea or coffee. Buttermilk too can be consumed regularly. All these food items will keep you feeling healthy. In addition to this you will find that your skin has a glow. Your hair too will become bouncy and full of life. If you are a smoker you can consider reducing smoking or even giving it up completely. Similarly you should keep an eye on your alcohol consumption and ensure that you drink only moderate amounts.

In addition to these dietary restrictions, you should also make sure that you get plenty of physical exercise. Some time spent in the fresh air every day can work wonders and make your eyes shine and cheeks glow with health. This will also ensure that you sleep well every night. Avoid late nights and you will find that you not only look better but also feel better. Similarly you should avoid being stressed since this can play havoc with not only your digestion but also prevent you from putting on weight. Take up some hobby that helps you relax and make sure that you take a hot water bath at bedtime since this will ensure that you get a good night's rest.

answered by G M

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