Are the home remedies or medicines really useful to increase weight if BMR of the body is high ? How can I lower my BMR to gain weight?

Being underweight is a problem that does torment some people. This basically means that your weight is not proportionate to your height and your sex. There could be a variety of reason to explain this problem. Lack of proper nutrition and a good diet, lack of good sleep, tensions and worries, recurrent illness - these are some of the possible reasons for being underweight. Such people complain that no matter what they eat or how much, they still fail to gain weight. People who are underweight assume that gaining weight only consists of eating and eating all the time. This is not true, especially if you hope to gain weight and to remain healthy. Eating unhealthy snacks and food items that don't contain any nutrition but are full of unhealthy calories is no good at all. Your weight gain program should follow a planned course.

Eat fruits like bananas and muskmelon since these are wonderful ways to gain weight. You can drink a glass of banana milkshake every morning. If this is not possible, then you should eat at least three bananas each day. Musk melon is another fruit that can help you gain weight. You can also eat other fruits like grapes, apples, mangoes since these are all good for you. You can also drink a cup of hot milk with a tablespoon of honey first thing in the morning. Mangoes are also very good for people who wish to gain weight and should be eaten with milk every day. You can make a mango milkshake or simply eat pieces of the fruit.

Dried fruits are also recommended for people who wish to gain weight. Eat raisins every single day. Dried figs can be soaked in water overnight and eaten the first thing every morning. You can eat raisins, almonds, figs as a snack between meals. You can also boil some almonds, date and figs in a cup of milk. When drunk daily this helps increase weight. For breakfast you can eat bran with fruits. Papaya is a good fruit to eat for breakfast. This not only increased your appetite but also helps improve your digestion. For lunch you can eat vegetables of your choice, followed by some fruit. Dinner can consist of vegetables or meat and you can drink a cup of milk at bedtime. In addition to these steps, you should also exercise regularly, in order to ensure that you are not constipated and in order to develop a good appetite. Try and avoid being stressed, by relaxing before going to bed. A good night's sleep can help a lot in keeping you feeling healthy and looking fit.

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