Food for Gaining Weight

Most people are looking for effective ways to loose weight. Perhaps because of this it is believed that it is far easier to gain weight than loose it. Gaining weight is fine but when you want to gain weight and look healthy, then you will have to follow certain schedules and routines. Gaining weight in this context does not merely mean stuffing yourself with food of all kinds. It means being selective about what you eat and how much you eat.

Gaining weight to look healthy means you will have to work on your all round development. You will have to start eating food that can help you gain weight. Eat your meals on time and ensure that they are well balanced. Eat food that can provide your body with the requisite amount of carbohydrates and proteins. If you cannot eat large meals, you should eat smaller meals and eat snacks in between these meals. Eating processed food will only add weight without keeping you healthy and so should be avoided. Stick to natural food and eat plenty of fresh vegetables and salads. Avoid eating large quantities of dairy products like cheese and ice creams.

Both eggs and meat can be an integral apart of your weight gain program. And whatever meat you do eat, ensure that it is cooked in a minimum of oil. You can either grill it or bake it since these modes of cooking will help keep the calorie count low. Avoid eating sweets made of sugar and don't get tempted to add sugar to your food items. Use honey instead.

All kinds fruits can be eaten. Of all the fruits mangoes, muskmelons are the most effective in helping gain weight. You can eat at least three ripe mangoes a day. Eat half a muskmelon each day. Consuming a variety of dry fruits is another way that you can gain weight. Eat raisins regularly. Dried figs too can be consumed. For best effect these can be soaked over night and eaten in the morning. Drink plenty of milk and eat as much yogurt as you like.

In addition to these details about diet, you should also be prepared to take care of yourself. Take up some sport since this will keep you fit and help you look healthy. Allow yourself at least eight hours of sleep every night and practice some breathing exercises to keep away the stress of life. All these can help you gain weight and what is more important, gain it in a healthy way.

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