I Have Lots Of Pimples On My Back. What Shall I Do. Please Help Me?

Pimples, when they appear anywhere on the body, can cause a great deal of embarrassment. When you have pimples on your arms and back, you find that this restricts your choice of clothes. However, there are several very easy remedies that you can try to get rid of the pimples that are preventing you from wearing clothes of your choice. You can change from your normal soap to an herbal one. Changing your soap will certainly have a better effect on your skin quality in general. You can also use the pulp of a ripe tomato on your back. You will have to leave it on for some time before it can be washed off. Similarly, you can use the sticky jelly like substance inside the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant on the pimples. Applying this will work wonders and you will soon have a smooth back.

Fresh lemon juice is another very effective remedy to cure pimples on the back. Similarly a mixture of rose water and lemon juice can be applied on the pimples. Remember to use equal quantities of the lemon juice and the rose water. Fenugreek leaves are also believed to be very beneficial in reducing the pimples on the back. You can grind the fresh fenugreek seeds and apply the paste on the pimples on your back. This paste will have to be left on for some time before it can be washed off. Turmeric powder, when mixed with double the quantity of mint juice, is an excellent remedy for the pimples on your back. You will also find that using a raw grated potato on your pimples will help them dry up and disappear. You can use dried orange peel to make an easy mask for the pimples. Soak the peel in water and then grind using some milk. This paste can be applied on the pimples for a quick remedy. A simple home remedy is the application of the white a raw egg on the affected area. The raw egg application should be allowed to dry before it is washed off. In addition to these external applications, you should also take care to ensure that you are not suffering from constipation. This can be a vital reason for the pimples that you notice on your body. Drinking lots of water and juices can make a world of difference to you and help you avoid being constipated.

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