I often feel hungry with heavy sweating. Give some remedies?

The problem you have mentioned here is that you are often hungry, and this is a syndrome sometimes accompanied with sweating. While this is not a common occurrence by any stretch, it is also not an unusual one either. But making a diagnosis on your condition would require knowledge of factors such as your age, family history and the general current state of your health. You are advised to see your family physician in order to determine the exact nature of the problem. However, if a guess were to be ventured, there could be one of two things that are bothering you. One is that you are eating much too little for your body's requirements. If this is the case, you should take steps to remedy the situation at once. Increase your general diet to a point when you are no longer faced with this problem. If you are used to eating thrice or four times a day which is the norm, try to break it up and have more frequent meals. This will make a difference in the general state of your well being as well. You can eat five or six times a day, small meals if desired. Your problem should be resolved quite easily if this is the case.

However, the other possibility is that you could be suffering from diabetes insipidus. This is the lesser known form of diabetes, and it means that instead of high blood sugar, you are faced with the problem of frequently falling or low blood sugar. This condition is characterized by excessive urination, sweating, feelings of hunger and general discomfort. If indeed you are suffering from this problem, then you should take steps to take care of it accordingly. Depending upon your age and the condition of your general health otherwise, you would have to treat it accordingly. It is better for you to get yourself diagnosed properly before jumping to any conclusions, however. This is important because you may be suffering from something else altogether. And you do not want to treat yourself based upon a misdiagnosis. While it may sound like the opposite of diabetes mellitus, this is not really true of diabetes insipidus. You will need to take proper medicines to treat yourself and will also have to follow the lifestyle recommended by a qualified physician. Along with medication, this would also probably include some element of regular exercise and proper rest schedules as well.

answered by M W

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