Hunger pangs cures

If you are having severe hunger pains, the biggest possibility is that you could be suffering from hunger. Sometimes, in the course of a busy schedule and on a busy day, it is quite normal to lose track of when you last ate. This can be leading to your hunger pains. It is also possible that you are eating far too less during each meal. This could also be a cause of your hunger pains. In either case, the thing to do is to increase your diet. This is the only way you can be helped. If you find yourself unable to eat too much, or if you are not adequately fed, you can try to eat smaller meals more frequently. Anyways, this is a healthier way to eat.

Despite this, however, if you feel that you are still getting these pains, then you would need to get yourself medically examined. Sometimes, what you think are hunger pains need not necessarily be so. It is possible that they are pains of another kind altogether. Only a medical examination can tell you what the problem is. If your pains are related to anything else, you might need to work on that separately.

answered by G M

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