I am a 40 year old female with overactive bladder, any treatment for it?

There are a couple of things you can do yourself of ran over active bladder. But before you begin with any of them, it is essential to know why you have an overactive bladder. Sometimes, natural childbirth can result in automatic loss of bladder control. But this is a problem that is easily overcome within a few months of having had children. If you have had a child naturally any time in the last two years, then it could be a reason why you are suffering from the problem of an over active bladder. You would have to do some simple exercises that would actually help you overcome the problem. These can be explained and taught to you by your gynecologist. Other reasons could be, in case you have had any type of injury, internal or otherwise, this could also have led to an over active bladder. Check to see if this is the case. If so, you must take proper medical measures to ensure that your injuries are taken care of. Neglect will only serve to worsen your problem. Some people also suffer from lack of bladder control in direct relation to anxiety. That is to say that when they get anxious, they lose control of the bladder. This is a psycho somatic association. It means that every time you get nervous, your body actually links the nervousness to urinating. This is a childhood habit. You would need to know if you faced this problem as a child in order to take care of it. You may possibly require psychological help to deal with this.

In any and all cases, there are some basic things you can do to take care of your problem. The first thing is that you can make sure that every time you urinate, you do it properly and well. Some people have a tendency to urinate in a hurry and will not empty their bladders fully. This leads to many other related problems as well. Only one of them is loss of or reduced bladder control. Each time you visit the bathroom to urinate; you must sit and squeeze out every last drop that is there in your bladder. This will be of great help in controlling your incontinence. You must also try to contract your vagina and urinal openings for about five minutes everyday. Start with a period of a few seconds and work your way up to five minutes this may take time but it I highly effective.

answered by G M

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