My 13 Year old has had her gall bladder out for about 4 weeks know and I was wondering what will keep her to be comfortable such as hot baths.

The gall bladder is a small organ in your body that helps assist the liver in its activities. Its primary function is to store bile produced by the liver and release it as and when necessary. Bile is a watery liquid that helps in better digestion of food in the intestine especially fat. People who are prone to get affected by gall bladder diseases are those with weight problems and high blood cholesterol levels. An inappropriate diet or bad eating habits are the reasons that more and more people are suffering from this disease. It can cause tremendous amount of pain and the end result could be a surgery. Gallstones are the primary reason for any pain in the gall bladder. The substances in the bile sometimes deposit in the gall bladder forming gallstones blocking the flow of bile from the liver. Another reason for gall bladder problems could be as a result of the body's intolerance towards certain foods. Fatty food can be a major reason for this condition. Also, the pain may occur due to any physical effort or sudden move. The most important symptom indicating a gall bladder problem is any gall bladder pain. The pain usually occurs in the upper region of the abdomen but may also move towards the mid back and under the right shoulder. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, anorexia and so on. In certain cases, the gall bladder needs to be removed and the surgery is known as cholecystectomy.

Plenty of rest is what you need the most after you have undergone the surgery. You need to avoid heavy lifting or any kind of exertion. Indulge in a healthy diet but make sure that it is low in fats. Eat a lot of protein and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables so that the body gets the energy as it is healing. For any pain or swelling, you can use a heat pad turned on low or a hot water bottle or simply sit in a warm water bath for about 15 to 20 minutes. However, make sure you do not sleep on the heating pad or hot water bottle. This method is quite effective as heat enables to bring blood to the area of surgery which in turn helps it heal faster. However, there is a possibility of some complications after the surgery. In such cases it is advised that you consult your doctor without any further delay.

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