Home remedies for pregnancy headaches

All of us suffer from headaches that occur for one reason or another. For some people this may be an indication that they need to get their eyes checked. You should also test yourself to see if your eye sight has deteriorated and needs to be checked by a doctor. Sometimes stress causes headaches. So if you are stressed you should seek ways to reduce this and learn how to relax. If your headaches persist then you should consider seeing a doctor. If you notice that you have blackouts or any other symptoms along with the headaches, then you should consult your doctor at the earliest.

One of the first things you should do is ensure that you eat your meals on time. Skipping meals is one of the basic reasons for people suffering from headaches. You should eat your meals on time. Since you are pregnant, you should also ensure that your meals are balanced and contain all the nutrients that you will require in your condition. When you get a headache, try and relax. Practice some simple breathing exercises often helps in reducing the headache. You can also lie down in a darkened room with your eyes closed. Taking a nap will also help your headache and even sleeping for only ten to twenty minutes can help your headache disappear.

Applying peppermint oil on your forehead is an easy remedy that you can try. Use a piece of cotton to apply this on your forehead. Using chilled peppermint oil is another option that you can try. Eucalyptus oil is another remedy that you can try when you have a headache. Sometimes drinking a cup of tea or coffee can also help relieve a headache.

You can also dip a towel in a bowl of cold water and apply this on your forehead For a more effective cure you can place a wet towel in the freezer for a few minutes before laying it on your forehead.

You can mix one teaspoon of sandalwood powder with some plain water and apply this paste on your forehead. For another variation of this paste take one teaspoon each of clove, cinnamon and almond. Grind this to a fine paste using a small amount of water. This should be applied to the forehead. You can also mix a small amount of clove powder with some cinnamon oil. This should be applied on the exact spot where you can feel the headache pulsing.

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