I have dry sinuses and headache. Please suggest some remedies

Sinus and headache is a common problem faced a large number of people. The problem occurs mainly when the phlegm or mucus gets clogged in the nasal and sinus tract, leading to a sense of heaviness around the nose, under the eyes and in the forehead. This can also cause severe headaches that hinder in work efficiency and sometimes obstruct work completely. There are several simple home remedies to treat sinus. The best way to treat a sinus problem is to keep the body well hydrated so that the sinus is flushed out of the system. Dry sinus is more likely to cause a headache, and thus if you suffer from a dry sinus, you should constantly sip on water. Alternately you can also sip on some herbal tea to avoid dehydration and also reduce the intensity of the headache. Chamomile is excellent for this purpose. Another good home remedy to treat sinus headaches is application of a cold towel on the forehead. You should first place a towel dipped in hot water on your forehead, for a few minutes till it becomes warm and then flip it over and place the other side on your forehead. Repeat this process for around 20 minutes to soothe the heaviness and headache.

Apart from this, there are many simple home remedies for sinus infection that can be used to treat the problem. Peppermint is an excellent decongestant and if inhaled can help to clear the sinus. You should inhale steam with a few drops of peppermint twice or thrice a day to get rid of the sinus. Application of a paste of 1 tsp cinnamon powder and some water on the forehead is said to soothe the heaviness and headache caused by dry sinus. Alternately you can apply a paste of dry ginger and water or milk on your forehead. You can also add approximately 12 basil leaves and a few cloves to this ginger paste and apply it on your forehead to reduce the headache. Since ginger is excellent for sinus and even has anti-inflammatory properties, you should also sip on ginger tea and add it to your daily diet, using it liberally in your cooking. You should also increase your intake of Vitamin C to fight such infections and increase your body's immunity. Consume more citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples, other fruits like strawberries, gooseberry and vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. Lemon is also beneficial for curing sinus headaches, so you could sip on lemonade every few hours or add a dash of lemon to a bowl of steaming tomato soup. The warm soup will soothe the headache and the lemon will help to treat the sinus. Above all, remember that nothing works better than a good rest or sleeping for around half an hour to treat the sinus problem.

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