Stress Induced Headaches

What is good for tension(pressure)headaches. I get them couple times a week-just pressure around the head like a vice.

stress and tension has become an accepted part of our modern lives and stress disorders are just another disturbing dimension of this reality.  Although the fast paced lives and sedentary lifestyles that we lead may seem impossible to escape from you can make your own choices and manage stress without having to turn into some sort of recluse or naturalist. Tension or stress headaches are the most widespread outcome and symptom of stress in our urban populations.

Stress headaches are quite naturally caused by stress and the only way to tackle them is by eliminating the cause. Stress of course, as you may rightly say, is not completely avoidable, but what is true is that it can be reduced significantly enough to offer adequate health benefits. Most of us respond to stress headaches by downing some over the counter medications. While some of these may be very effective they are not the healthiest choice as long term or frequent usage of these drugs can cause reactions. Such medications should be reserved for situations that leave no choice, as would be the case if you needed to get to an urgent appointment or had a performance. In all other situations it would be best to rely on natural methods to cope with stress headaches.

It of course goes without saying that the most important strategy to combat tension headaches is to adopt relaxation techniques and practices that can help cut down on stress. Relaxation is essential and stress management is one aspect that can not be neglected. Failure to control stress and achieve relaxation will only result in a perpetuation of the problem with tension headaches and then dependence on medications or remedies. This of course can worsen over time leading to other stress related diseases. Take conscious steps to reduce stress by incorporating better time management so as to give yourself time to relax and pursue activities of interest to you. Make sure that you follow a disciplined lifestyle to achieve this goal. Better planning can help you achieve more complete relaxation. It would be wise to look in to other stress management and relaxation techniques, including activities like yoga.

In situations where stress headaches still do bother you it would help to try out these natural methods:
  • A shower or bath in lukewarm water can be very relaxing and is the simplest method of combating stress headaches. A soak in a tub of warm water with some aromatherapy oil added would be perfect and can leave you feeling completely relaxed and at ease.
  • Get yourself a neck and shoulder massage. Massaging the upper back and neck can help relieve stress headaches.
  • Practice relaxation techniques like breath exercises and meditation or other relaxation techniques to combat stress headaches.

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