Kindly advice a home remedy for lip blister.

A blister on your lip could be an indicator of various things. The primary one could very well be excessively dry lips that have cracked open and caused a blister. This is also a very easy thing to happen, especially during cold seasons. This also happens frequently to those staying in extremely dry and harsh weather. The solution here is to keep your lips well moisturizes all day. It is simply not enough to apply lip balm or cream once a day. You should apply it frequently to ensure that your lips get the adequate moisture they need to stay healthy and well moisturized. Sometimes, a blister on the lip is also a common indicator of diabetes. But this would totally depend upon your age, general health and also a number of other things. Also, please do note that lip blisters do not necessarily indicate diabetes, while there is certainly a possibility that they could. Also, it is essential to know that the kind of lip blisters that indicate diabetes usually manifest themselves in the form of cuts on the side of your lips. These cuts appear suddenly and for no reason. They are also relatively painless and are often surrounded with white tissue. Another indicator that they be a result of diabetic nature is that they will not heal for long periods of time.

Lips blisters are also sometimes the same thing as fever blisters. This is a common oral allergic reaction which really has no cure as such. Instead, it can only be controlled with some simple remedial measures that can be employed at home. If you are suffering from fever blisters on your lips, then you can apply fresh unsweetened and unflavored yogurt to them. This will provide relief from the typical burning sensation that accompanies fever blisters. You should also make it a point to sanitize blisters so that they do not spread the infection to other plausible spots on your body. This can be done by cleansing them with a solution of one part of hydrogen peroxide and five parts of water. This will not allow the blisters to spread their fluids around, thus expanding unduly. Instead of using hydrogen peroxide, you can also use organic apple cider vinegar. This will also have the same effect. A solution of regular ethyl alcohol can also be used for the same purpose. It is necessary that you take some care to not spread the infection around.

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