Is there a home remedy to remove a hard blister on the tip of one of my fingers?

What you seem to have is a friction blister which could have been caused by friction by doing things with your bare hands, wearing new footwear, due to rise in temperature, frostbite, chemical injury or mechanical friction.

A leaf from an Aloe Vera plant can help. Rub the liquid gel to the blister and leave it overnight. It smells bad, but works very well for blisters like yours! Repeat the Aloe Vera treatment several times a day especially at night so that it stays in contact with the blister for longer. Your blister should go away within a few days. It's very easy to grow an aloe vera plant at home because it works great for many problems.

Tea tree oil is also a good remedy for the blister which should help it go away within 5-6 days.

Tea tree oil will soothe and help speed the healing and also reduces the chance of an infection due to its anti-bacterial, antifungal & sometimes anti-viral properties. Tea-tree oil cures with little or no itching and burning.

Try applying 10% tannic acid to the affected area of the skin, twice daily. Continue this for a couple of weeks to make your skin stronger and healthier.

If it still does not heal, consult a qualified dermatologist.

answered by S S

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