Genetic Birth Defects

by Sharon Hopkins

Genetic birth defects, are not uncommon, these defects are formed when the baby is still in mother’s womb. Genetic birth defects are formed due to defective genes and do not have anything to do with the development process. Birth defects vary from being mild to severe.

There are several birth defects like cleft lip, cleft lip and palate, such birth defects are easily noticeable and detection does not require much time. This birth defect can be set right, however, it is difficult to gain recovery from the more severe ones. Severe birth defects also might require the baby to undergo surgery at a very young age.

Cleft lip or cleft lip and palate is the birth defect which affects upper lip or upper lip and roof of the mouth, this can be set correct by simple surgery. Cleft lip and palate require a complex surgery so join the tissues between the cleft lip and roof of mouth. This birth defect forms when the tissues between the lip and the upper roof do not join till the time of birth. This will alter the way baby will look throughout the time of birth.

Genetic birth defects are caused due to mutation of genes or variation of genes, these defects can be exposure to hazardous substances like cigarette smoke, alcohol or any other. It can also be due to presence of diseases like cancer, etc. within the body of the mother. In case the problems are because of genetic packages called chromosomes, these chromosomes might be in excess or short of quantity required.

If genetic defects are common in your family, it is necessary that you get genetic screening done, before the birth of the baby or according to what the doctor prescribes. This will help you identify genetic disorders if any in advance.

Other types of birth defects are neural tube defects. These defects are of the brain and spinal column. Here the growth of spinal column and brain growth do not happen adequately, this might cause paralysis of les in a baby or in some cases like babies with anencephaly the baby might be stillborn.

Genetic birth defects are not always fatal or irreparable; there are solutions available for these birth defects. You can do genetic testing well in advance if you have a family history of genetic disorders. Problems like cleft lip, etc. can be cured quite easily sometimes with a simple plastic surgery or in case of cleft lip palate with a little complicated surgery.

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