What do I do my baby is only 3months old and having severe constipation? Please Help.

Infant constipation is a very common problem that is generally caused by the same kind of factors as in adults; improper fluid intake, dietary choices, illness or medication. Stools that accumulate in the intestines become harder to pass and cause great discomfort and distress to infants. Healthy bowel movements are essential to the overall well being and health of the baby and it's important for parents to be able to tell the difference between normal bowel movements and unhealthy bowel movements. While some babies may pass up to two stools a day, others may pass stools on alternate days, so the frequency is not the best indicator. One way to make sure is by gently feeling the baby's abdomen towards the colon area. Any hardness in the region could indicate retention of stools. Infant constipation can be treated quite easily with a number of home remedies, but if the problem persists seek medical assistance without any further delay.

To relieve the constipation you can give your child one or two ounces of well diluted fruit juice like grape, prune or apple-prune at least once or twice a day.

Massaging the abdominal area can help facilitate the passing of stools, easing and relieving the constipation. Massage your baby's tummy gently, placing your hands near the navel and massaging with a circular motion.

According to a number of medical practitioners giving your baby a warm bath can help deal with a constipation problem. Warm water can help relax the baby and may therefore get the baby's digestive system running smoothly again. After the bath would also be an ideal time to give your baby a tummy massage.

In addition to the tummy massage you can also try another exercise and alternate between this and the massage. Rest your infant on his or her back and hold her legs up, in such manner that the baby is in a half bent position. Gently move the baby's legs in a pedaling motion as if riding a bicycle. This will also help with any gas problems. Some other points that you should keep in mind when deal with infant constipation include:

If your baby is being bottle fed make sure you follow the instructions meticulously and always fill the bottle with water first, before adding the formula.

Closely follow your pediatrician's recommendations on the introduction of any solid foods. Any introduction of new foods or dietary change should be gradual.

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