Acne Scars Advice: Can I Use Vaseline On My Face To Remove Scars If I Have Pimples?

There is no known remedy for using Vaseline to remove pimple scars. However, applying Vaseline to your scars cannot hurt because it will only moisturize the skin and help keep it healthy. You can always resort to surgical methods to remove the scars but there are, however, a number of other home remedies that you can try. You must also remember that while it is possible to lighten acne scars, you might not be able to remove them altogether. Use lemon juice to lighten acne scars. You should first cleanse the affected area with water. Apply the lemon juice onto a cotton ball and then apply it on the scars. Allow this to remain for about ten minutes and then rinse your face. Exercise caution when you use lemon juice on your face because it may increase your photosensitivity.

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a couple of teaspoons of purified water and apply this on the scars. You can wash it off after 2-3 minutes. After you wash off the baking soda, you can massage some olive oil into your face to ensure that it is supple and firm. Another effective home remedy for acne scars is mixing some zero fat sour cream with yogurt, ground oatmeal, and some lemon. Apply this pack on your face and allow it to remain for a little while. You can also use Vitamin E oil to lighten the scars.

answered by M W

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