How to Cure a Stomach Ache in a Seven Year Old Girl?

You have not told me what kind of stomach ache the seven year old girl is suffering from. Is it a pain in the lower abdomen or is it cramps that she is complaining of? If the girl complains of a pain in the lower abdomen then you should watch her carefully. Give her a hot water bottle since this will give her relief from the pain. If she has a light fever and is in great pain, you should consult your doctor at the earliest since this could well be her appendicitis causing her pain.

However, if she complains of a pain in the middle of her stomach, this could well be related to something that she ate. If this is the case let her lie down for a little while. You can squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass and add a pinch of salt to this. Add normal water to this and stir well. You can also give her buttermilk to drink. However dilute it by adding water and a pinch of salt. Avoid giving her anything that contains spices or is oily. Instead you can give her simple food like some well cooked mashed rice or a vegetable soup. Give her only vegetarian food and don't give her anything that contains white flour or cheese. Also avoid giving her any drink that contains soda. If her stomach pain is really bad, you can heat half a cup of water and give this to her to drink.

If she complains of cramps in her stomach the best thing to do would be to get her to lie down. She may feel more comfortable lying on her stomach. You can fill a hot water bottle with hot water and give this to her. The hot water bottle will give her relief. You can also try the asafetida remedy. Give her a pinch of asafetida to swallow. She may find it unpleasant because of its very strong odor and taste so you may have to wrap it in something sweet and then give it to her. In addition, you can take a pinch of asafetida on the palm of your hand and use a couple of drops of water to mix it into a sticky paste. This should be applied on to the stomach of the little girl. Ensure that you rub this on the area around her belly button. You can keep this on till it dries on her body. This is sure to reduce her stomach pain and give her relief.

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