May 4, 2009

Home Remedies For Stomach Ache due to Indigestion

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

The most common cause of a stomach ache is indigestion. Alternately however, a stomach ache can also be due to gastroenteritis or stomach flu, colic, or even appendicitis. Make sure you rule these out possibilities before treating the pain as a common stomach ache. In such situations, taking medication can prove extremely detrimental in the long run. Thankfully, there are some simple natural cures to relieve the pain and provide long term relief.

Needless to say, the most important factor is diet control. Strictly avoid foods that cause acidity. Tinned food, excessive consumption of red meat, wheat germ and the like are the usual culprits, and you need to avoid these foods completely. You should also substitute wheat with rice and lentils and drink lots of fresh fruit juice.

Cumin powder, with a pinch each of asafetida and rock salt is known to bring immediate relief. Chew this mixture well when having it and wash it down with warm water. Another useful herbal remedy is Indian celery seeds. Mix half a teaspoon of these seeds with a pinch of baking soda, chew the mixture and wash it down with warm water. If the ache is due to indigestion, mix half a cup of fresh onion juice with half a teaspoon each of honey and black pepper and drink it on a daily basis.

Ginger is priceless when it comes to fighting stomach ache. Before every meal, eat about one teaspoon of fresh grated ginger mixed with lime juice and salt. Even a thin slice of ginger with just salt chewed well will help. You could also make ginger tea by boiling finely sliced ginger in a cup of water. This is a great reliever when consumed two to three times a day. Yogurt contains a lot of good bacteria that can ease the stress on your stomach. Include a small portion of yogurt in all your meals. Ground cinnamon with warm water also makes an excellent remedy.

If the pain is excruciating and immediate relief is what you are looking for, skip those pain killers. Take some rice instead, fill it in a sock and tie a knot at the open end. Now just warm the sock in a microwave for a few minutes and place it on your stomach to instantly relieve the pain. Drinking lots of lime juice mixed with water and a little honey too is very effective. You can do this several times a day.