How to cut down the risks of getting a stomach ache?

Why do you feel you need to cut down the risk of getting a stomach ache - do you frequently suffer from stomach aches? If so, you should visit a doctor for a check up and diagnosis; frequent stomach aches could be an indication of some serious problem, and you will need to detect the problem and treat it in order for your stomach aches to stop. Any other measures taken without knowing what the underlying cause is will probably not work, and even if they do, they will only address the symptom, allowing the real problem to get worse.

In general, the best way to avoid getting a stomach ache is to eat healthily and sensibly. Ensure that your diet is balanced and includes adequate fruits and vegetables. You should also try not to consume too much fast food, oily or greasy food, and spicy food, as these can upset your stomach, particularly if your stomach is sensitive. Besides, no matter what you eat, you should never overeat - avoid eating till you feel completely stuffed, as this is an invitation to trouble. Excess is always bad, and even an excess of the healthiest food will cause some problem or the other.

answered by G R

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