Symptoms and test for sexually transmitted disease

If you have been experiencing these symptoms of six weeks, then it is imperative that you go and see a doctor who will be better able to tell you what the problem is. Basically, the anatomy of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is such that it can transmit via bodily fluids. So there is a possibility that you have acquired something from the other person. This would be especially true if you have no knowledge of the person or if they have any kind of disease or not. However, only a medical examination would be able to tell you if you have any disease. In all probability, you will be asked to go through a battery of tests of all kinds. These would also include blood and culture tests which will show the presence of any such organisms.

On the other hand, it could also be something else altogether which is bothering you. Try to retract in time over the last six weeks and see of there have been any other changes in your life which could possibly have warranted the situation you are finding yourself in. It is possible that you have developed an allergy to some substance you haven't tried before and this is giving you these symptoms. It is also possible that you are suffering from some other problem and you are yet unaware of it. It is totally imperative you see a doctor, and only then will you be able to figure out exactly why you are suffering from these symptoms. Of the symptoms you have described, itching, especially, is a common sign of some sort of allergy. It could also be allergy to some new material you have come in contact with. The only unexplained factor is dizziness. But once again, this would have to be medically checked out to come to a conclusion.

answered by M W

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