I've been feeling weak for the past 3 days. What natural remedies can I use with symptoms of body aches and fever of 102.5?

Fever is basically a symptom for some kind of illness and therefore it is imperative to find out what the exact cause of fever is before trying out any remedy. When you find out the underlying cause of the symptoms and treat it, fever will get cured. Some fevers however run their course and do not respond much to treatments.

There are however, some remedies that you can try just to relieve yourself of the pain, aches and fatigue that fever usually causes.

In fever, due to the heat generated in the body, there is a huge loss of water and fluids. It is important to replenish water so that this huge loss can be compensated. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water and other liquids. Fruit juices, broths, soups, coconut water are great for maintaining the liquid balance in the body. Water will also help regulate and reduce the temperature of the body. Carrot and beet juice are good sources of beta carotene and many other minerals and vitamins.

Try some herbal tea for your fever and ache. Mix chamomile flower, thyme and linden flowers in a cp of water and boil it. After brewing it for 5-7 minutes, strain it and drink the water. Repeat this about four to five times everyday. The solution will cleanse your body and detoxify it. It will also have a soothing effect on you. If you feel nausea in addition to the fever and aches, suck on an ice cube and the feeling will eventually go away.

102 °F fever is quite high and you should immediately put a wash cloth soaked in cold water on your forehead. Doing this will lower your temperature and remove extra heat. Keep on using the cold compress till your temperature goes down.

It is common to lose your appetite when you are sick. However, the body needs extra nutrition when you’re not well and it is important to keep eating, even if in small quantities, so maintain the nutrition in body. Eat soft food, preferably bland, so that you do not aggravate any condition. Eat fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals so that all the nutrition that the body has lost can be regained. It will also help you to strengthen your immune system.

If your temperature is especially high, roast about 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds, crush them and then boil them in one cup of water. After straining it, add some clarified butter to it and drink it. Instead of this, you could also drink juice made of basil leaves. The juice is sweet to taste and has many healing properties. You can also brew the bark of willow and drink the tea made out of that to reduce your temperature.

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Fever itself is a symptom of an illness, so try to know the underlying cause and treat the cause - fever will run away on its own.

  • There is loss of water from the body (in the form of sweating which is essential), so to compensate this loss it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated. Besides water include fruit juices, vegetable soups, broths, coconut water, beet juice or carrot juice.
  • Make an herbal tea by mixing equal parts of thyme, chamomile flowers and linden flowers (1 tbsp) in a cup of water. Boil and strain this and drink this tea 4-5 times a day.
  • If you feel nauseated to eat or drink anything, suck a small cube of ice.
  • If the fever rises above 102 or 103 then use cold wet compresses on the forehead to remove the extra heat.
  • Don't stop feeding yourself, when the temperature raises the body requires extra fuel. Eat soft palatable, hot food to fight the infection and make your immune system stronger. This will also help to fight your weakness and body pains.

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