I am 27 years old and right now am 8 months pregnant if I tell my OBGYN that am feeling dizzy she says giddiness is common during pregnancy. Can you please let me know if feeling dizzy often is common symptom?

Dizziness in late pregnancy is a common phenomenon. The pregnancy hormones cause the blood pressure to fluctuate during the three trimesters. A drop in the blood pressure in the last trimester causes dizziness in late pregnancy, due to reduced blood flow to the mother’s brain. Due to the growing fetus, blood circulation to the mother's legs can be sluggish while she is lying down, and this happens especially in the last two trimesters. Dizziness in late pregnancy may also be due to a condition medically called supine hypotensive, in which there may also be an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, when lying on the back.

  • Keeping the stomach empty during this time may lead to fluctuations in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. So eat healthy, mini meals throughout the dayand drink at least eight glasses of water to prevent dehydration, causing dizzy spells during pregnancy.
  • Too much heat can cause dizziness in late pregnancy, so avoid going out in the glaring sun, crowded places, cooking, or any strenuous activity. Whenever you feel hot, take a cold shower, wear light clothing,and switch on the air conditioner or fan and try to relax.
  • When a pregnant woman stands suddenly from the sitting position, blood doesn’t flow from the legs to the heart very fast, so the pressure drops instantly. This causes dizziness on standing suddenly.
  • Take an additional iron supplement along with eating a diet rich in iron (e.g., green leafy vegetables and liver), to prevent dizziness due to anemia.
  • Take frequent breaks while climbing steps, doing household chores, or doing any other exercise, to control dizzy spells during pregnancy.

Sleep at your left side at night to maximize the blood flow to the heart. If dizziness during pregnancy causes fainting, spotting, or abdominal pain, it shows complications in pregnancy. Do not worry, consult the doctor right away.

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