Causes And Symptoms Of Dizziness: I Woke Up This Morning Feeling Dizzy. Whenever I Put My Head Down I Get Dizzy. Kindly Advice.

There can be various reasons why you woke up this morning with dizziness. Instead of venturing a guess as to the cause of your dizziness, it is better that you get a proper medical examination. Only a complete medical health check up can reveal if there is anything you need to be alarmed about. It is also good to be aware that sometimes, momentary weakness can also lead to dizziness. If you are excessively tired, then this may very well happen to you. The same thing would also occur if you have not eaten properly for a few days. In such a case, you will also end up feeling generally weak and fatigued at all times, as opposed to only the dizziness in the mornings. In extremely rare cases is there a problem otherwise, which is actually serious. Sometimes, dizziness can be a symptom of loss of equilibrium. Whether this is the case can, however, only be determined by a proper medical exam. Sometimes, a problem with the inner ear can also result in temporary dizziness. However, this particular problem would not restrict your dizziness to early mornings alone. It would also extend to other times of the day, being somewhat sporadic in nature. If you are female, you can also check to see if you are pregnant. This is also a typical symptom of morning sickness. Contrary to popular belief, morning sickness is not simply throwing up in the mornings. It could also indicate such things as dizziness and weak spells. It is also possible that you are suffering from something like a modified version of vertigo. This will also show up as frequent dizziness. Once again, this will not remain restricted to dizziness in the morning when you wake up only.

In order to combat dizziness, you should go through this list to see if any of these situations provided actually apply to you. If so, you would need to take care of the situation accordingly. In any and all cases, make sure you get proper and adequate sleep and rest. These are the two best solutions to battle any kind of problem. Because once you know that you are eating and resting properly, then you can move on to examine whether there are other issues affecting your health in this negative manner. Try simple solutions for a week before examining the possibility of a more serious and complicated problem that needs attention.

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