I Am 30 Yr Old. I Have A Severe Lower Wisdom Tooth Pain Since Last Four Days. Is There Any Remedy For It?

A wisdom tooth that has wedged or packed in within the gums is known as an impacted wisdom tooth that can result in a host of troubles, from a bothersome annoying pain to serious dental problems. The only solution for an impacted wisdom tooth is to have it surgically removed.

Wisdom teeth grow like other normal teeth, but they are the last to develop and usually take the longest to grow. Since wisdom teeth have to fight for space with other teeth that have already developed, they are usually the likely ones to get impacted.

Most people with a small jawbone can have impacted wisdom teeth. Apart from that, there no specific risk factors that may increase your chances of having impacted wisdom teeth as compared to any other individual.

Considering your circumstances, you must visit the dentist right away. Your dental practitioner will estimate the nature of your impacted tooth and your jaw line to determine if other conditions are contributing to the tooth problem.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed, it can lead to numerous issues. These issues include:

  • Periodontal Disease - Harmful pathogens and food debris trapped in the mouth can cover wisdom teeth, and cause secondary infections. The disease may start off as a mild disorder known as gingivitis and will advance to a more grievous form known as periodontitis.
  • Crowding Together - A wisdom tooth can put pressure on other teeth, and cause severe damage to them, edging them out of position.
  • Dental Decay - Since wisdom teeth are hard to reach while brushing, they are not likely to get completely cleaned thus making them susceptible to decomposition and dental caries.
  • Cysts get developed in the crown of the wisdom tooth - If a cyst forms and remains in the jawbone, it has the potential of damaging the bone, teeth and nerves.

Dental experts are of the opinion that when an impacted wisdom tooth induces complications and painful symptoms, it has to be extracted in order to avoid further issues. The idea of having a tooth pulled out may be intense. But if you continue to neglect the issue, the delay can lead to serious and permanent repercussions. Make it a point to consult a dentist who is empathetic and inclined towards helping you relieve your fears. Most dental practitioners extend ways to allay anxiousness, such as listening to soothing music or watching video recordings to distract the attention. Get along a supportive family member or friend to help you talk out your discomfort.

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I am having the same problem I basically focused passed the pain and after a couple weeks it went away and the tooth partially grew out and now its been a year and the same pains are back. Since it is a vestigial (an extra tooth that isn't necessary almost a mutation but a common one) it is basically stretching out your gums and tearing its way out even though it doesnt belong there, which is why it is SO PAINFUL! I am using 4 ibuprofen at a time since 4 basically equals prescription strength pain reliever and I am using ambesol and even rubbing the side of my cheek until I can get it extracted. To get it extracted I am going through scirex, Scirex is a pharmecutical research company with top quality physicians and dental hygenists who will basically pay you 1000 dollars to remove your wisdom teeth and provide you with a pain reliever they are researching and testing people for. My roommate did it and is very greatful that her wisdom teeth have been extracted cost free and that she will be getting 1000 bucks in a month. Hope this info helps out :)

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