How should we cure the hair fall patches in the beard? Please suggest some home remedy?

The small patches on the head due to irregular hair fall indicates the prevalence of alopecia areata, wherein the hair loss are in demarcated patches, either circular or reticular in shape. These patches can be either on head or on beard. Simple home remedies for patches in beard can provide a sure cure for hair growth in affected beard lesions and hair fall patches in beard.

Natural remedies for hair fall patches in the beard include rubbing onion on the patchy area, applying neem paste (margosa tree leaves), massaging with castor oil, coconut oil and other common oils. But care has to be taken that whatever method is adopted, it should be followed for quite some time for the actual results to show up.

Coconut milk can be prepared by grinding the coconut with water and squeezing it to get pure coconut milk. This milk should be rubbed with light finger strokes acutely to and fro over the affected area. Rubbing increases the blood circulation of the affected area and an increased metabolism aids in increased hair growth.

When nothing is available simply rubbing the beard with cold water too is the best of home remedies for scanty hair in beard. Shaving the beard at an increased rate too helps in better re-growth of hair in the afflicted areas. Applying Indian gooseberry oil is also one of the natural cures for hair fall in patches as it provides the essential tonic which helps in rich growth of hair. Indian gooseberry juice mixed with lime and sweet lime can be applied on the bald area and let it to dry. This assists in hair growth and stops hair loss.

Lettuce and spinach has vitamin A and if they are consumed as a part of a regular diet, they help in appropriate hair growth and it is simplest natural remedy for beard patches which doesn't consume an extra effort.

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