I have hair fall nowadays. I have bit dandruff so please provide me some home remedy and also shampoo

Hair fall and dandruff are the most common hair problems. The major causes of these hair problems can be attributed to pollution, exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun, stress, and irregular and unhealthy diet patterns.

Some of the natural remedies to prevent hair loss and relieve dandruff are as follows:

  • Fenugreek seeds are very effective in controlling hair loss and dandruff. You may soak fenugreek seeds in water and grind it to a paste and apply it on your scalp for half an hour to serve this purpose.
  • Lime is also effective in relieving dandruff and leaves your hair shining. You may apply a teaspoon of lime juice while washing your hair.
  • You may boil beet in water and use the extract to wash your hair. Beet is rich in pigments and other nutrients and it helps prevent hair loss and also controls dandruff.
  • The juice of snake gourd is also effective in curing hair problems.
  • You may treat dandruff by massaging your scalp and hair with yogurt for half an hour. Yogurt is acidic and helps in relieving you of dandruff. You may mix the pulp of a banana with yogurt in order to improve your hair texture and prevent hair loss.    
  • You may also use lime juice in combination with gooseberry juice in order to treat dandruff.
  • You may also use green gram powder in yogurt in order to cure dandruff and prevent hair fall.
  • You may use oil therapy to prevent hair loss and control dandruff. You may use olive or castor to serve the purpose.
  • You may also use fine quality tea leaves for their anti dandruff action. Boil the tealeaves in water and rinse your hair and scalp with the extract as a last rinse while washing your hair.
  • In order to prevent hair loss, you may use baking soda to absorb extra oil and dirt in the scalp and hair. As such, you will not have to use shampoos containing harsh chemicals, which cause hair damage and ultimately hair loss.
  • You may also apply ginger juice in combination with juice of beet to prevent hair loss.
  • You can also give a steam bath to your hair so that oil is properly absorbed in the scalp. This will help you get rid of dandruff.
  • You may also apply egg white on your scalp to prevent hair loss and nourish your hair strands.

answered by G M

Natural treatment for hair fall and dandruff -

  • Please take sun bath in the early rising sun.
  • Then apply hot coconut or olive oil with a cotton swab deep inside the roots of the hair in the scalp. After oiling fully, massage gently for 5 minutes moving fingers gently and softly inside the hair and scalp.
  • Take a homeopathic remedy Kali sulph 30, 5 pills once at bed time for 10 nights.
  • Then wait for 10 days more and then take a dose of Acid phos 200 [[homeopathic medicine].Take this in powder form. Then take a second dose of the same after another 10 days.

answered by D M K

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