How do I remove a sliver after the puncture wound is healed?

Once a sliver is embedded in your skin, it is natural for the skin to heal over it. This can unfortunately lead to discomfort, pain and even infection. If you can still see the end of the sliver through the skin, it would mean that the skin has just started to grow over the sliver. In such a case, most of the skin would be dead tissue and so you would be able to slowly scrape it off without any pain or bleeding. You can use a scalpel or a sterilised blade to slowly and gently scrape the layer of skin above the sliver. Make sure that you do not use even the slightest bit of pressure as this will force the sliver further into your flesh. Do not try to slice the skin as you may cut in too deep and cause unnecessary bleeding.

The key to removing the sliver is to be patient and extremely careful while attempting to remove it. You can also apply pressure on the sides of the sliver to force it upwards. Once you can see the head of the sliver, you can stop scraping. Keep applying pressure to the sides as this will drive the sliver up further. You can use a sterilised needle to slowly nudge the sliver upwards and once enough of the sliver is protruding, you can use a pair of sterilised tweezers to remove it. Make sure that you clean the raw or bruised area with an antiseptic. Since your feet are always in contact with the ground, it is easy to get an infection and so you should use a little anti-fungal powder and apply a band aid or a light dressing for a day or two. If the sliver is deeply embedded visit either a doctor who will surgically extricate the sliver.

answered by M W

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