How to remove a splinter?

A splinter is a small sliver of wood or metal or even glass that gets caught under your skin. These usually get lodged in our skin when we are doing something else and often stay lodged deep in our skin till we make an effort to remove them. If your splinter has not managed to go deep into your skin, you can easily remove it. However, if your splinter has been pushed deep into your skin, then it will require some time and patience to extract it from your skin. It is essential that you remove any splinter that has become lodged in your body since these could become infectious if left in the flesh.

You can get a splinter in your hands of feet if you are working with wood or some metal. You will know you have a splinter by the pain that you experience. In some cases, a splinter can cause bleeding. The area around the hole through which the splinter has entered the body can often get infected and for that reason should be treated at the earliest. In any case, the splinter may swell or show a bruise. Also, the splinter will certainly cause you pain. For this reason you need some simple remedies to remove the splinter from your skin. The most well known remedy for the removal of a splinter is to use a sharp object, like a needle, to do the job. But this does not always work and can cause pain. Instead you can try soaking the part of the body housing the splinter in warm water. The water softens the wood that has pierced your skin even as it makes it swell. Sometimes you will find that the splinter comes out by itself, the minute the splinter begins to come out. This method makes the removal of the splinter far easier than it would be otherwise.

You can also use a less painful way to get the splinter out. You can simply rub some bacon fat on the area where the splinter has gone in. Once this has been applied you can cover it with an adhesive strip. Leave the splinter as it is. When you take off the bandage a couple of days later you will find that the splinter has emerged out by itself. As soon as you find a splinter stuck in your hand, you should apply an ice cube on the affected area. The cold of the ice cube helps to reduce the pain for a few minutes and makes the removal of the splinter far easier.

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