Flatulence Causes And Remedy: Can Flatulence Cause Appendicitis Like Symptoms I Have Had No Pain In Middle Of Abdomen No Fever Am Not Off Food Just This Pain In Lower Right Side Feels Like Sharp Dull Ache Have Suffered With Constipation In Past Also A Fee

Abdominal pain could result from various reasons like Indigestion, constipation, starvation, menstrual cramp, movement of gas in the stomach, stomach ulcers and in some extreme cases appendicitis. Most of the time the nature and occurrence of the pain will be able to reveal what would have been causing that kind of pain in the stomach. Usually lower abdominal discomfort or pain can be due to flatulence. Flatulence is the passing of gas that is present in the intestine. This kind of gas is produced by yeast and bacteria that is present in the digestive tract and passes with a sound and a foul odor. Along with being a major social embarrassment it could cause immense discomfort and pain in the stomach. Painful flatulence happens when the gas builds up and moves around in the lower abdomen area. At times this pain could be mistaken for appendicitis gas which usually attacks the lower right side of your abdomen. But you have to be careful of what you have been eating and that will be able to help you realize what kind of pain it is. There are some natural cures for painful flatulence or abdominal flatulence. The easiest is to mix some ginger powder or ground gingers in some warm water, to that add a little asafetida and a pinch of salt. Drinking this mixture slowly will help to ease your stomach discomfort and provide flatulence relief. You could also mix one teaspoon of brandy in one cup of warm water and drink it before you go to bed. A week of drinking this concoction will help to stabilize your digestive system and ease painful flatulence. Ginger tea made by boiling some pounded ginger with tea leaves and adding a spoon of honey will also help to give you relief from the gases that cause you discomfort. Peppermint contains menthol which is said to be very effective in soothing your stomach from painful flatulence as also providing you with fresh breath. Other than these natural cures it is very important to follow the right kind of diet and so that the foods which produce gas when eaten. It is best to go slow on wheat and bread and stick to rice and vegetables. You should also make sure that you cut down on serving portions for each meal and eat around five to six small meals in a day. Each time you eat your meal makes sure that you eat it slowly and chew properly so that the food you eat can be digested properly.

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The symptoms of appendicitis do include a pain in the lower right hand side of the stomach. This however cannot cause a final diagnosis of appendicitis because further tests like palpable tenderness and the presence of fever usually confirm it; although, doctors usually respond immediately once a pain is reported. Flatulence rarely causes pain in itself because the build up of pressure from gasses never reaches a level where discomfort is experienced; unless, the intestinal gasses are not expelled.

The reason for flatulence is intestinal bacteria. Intestinal bacterial are of many types and their main role in the intestines is to aid in the digestion of certain types of food; however, when very complex compounds, like polysaccharides, reach the stomach and bacteria start to act on them, gasses are produced, which have to be expelled. This is what causes flatulence. Therefore, it can be said that flatulence is a sign of normal digestive function and in many cases is a sign that doctors check to ensure that the intestine is in a normal condition. After an appendectomy (the name of the procedure to remove an inflamed appendix), flatulence is one of the signs of recovery that doctors look out for. Constipation can sometimes cause flatulence but more as an indirect side effect rather than as a natural consequence. This is because constipation is caused by a lack of water in the stools to allow it to be excreted. Fibrous foods reach the gut but they are not digested and they tend to accumulate water while they are in the intestines. When the contents of the intestines finally have to be expelled including the fibrous matter, then the stool would be normal.

The most likely cause of the condition that you are experiencing is indigestion. This is because of a collusion of the symptoms of feeling full, flatulence, and the odd constipation. The first task is to return the over growth of bacteria in your intestines to a normal level. This is best done by consuming probiotic yogurt, which is rich in lactobacillus bacteria - the main digestive bacteria. This is a nutritional supplement that must be consumed daily for a few weeks. Next, increase the amount of fiber in the diet by eating more legumes, whole wheat bread, broccoli, potatoes (with their skins if possible), nuts, bran, and tomatoes with their skins. Add some clove oil to your food as well to prevent the feeling of fullness as this can cause the acid producing cells to secrete more gastric juice.

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Appendicitis is caused due to a blockage in the appendix which leads to inflammation as well as a reduced supply of blood to the organ. If appendicitis is not treated it can lead to gangrene or rupture of the appendix which can be life-threatening since it spreads toxins in the system. Apart from blockages (primarily from faeces), appendicitis can also be caused due to obstruction created by the swelling of lymph nodes and even due to serious injuries to the abdominal region/appendix. The symptoms of appendicitis are not very precise, usually starting with pain around the belly button and the lower right side of the abdomen. Patients also complain of constipation and diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and even a low fever.

Flatulence or the release of abdominal gases, on the other hand occurs when the symbiotic bacteria and yeast present in the gastrointestinal tract produce gases which have to be released. Flatulence generally leads to discomfort, abdominal pain followed by the expulsive release of gases accompanied with foul odour. If these gases are not released it leads to intense pain and cramps in the abdominal region so it is a good thing if they are released even if it is embarrassing. The main causes for flatulence include lack of adequate fibre in the diet, chronic bowel movement problems, swallowing excessive air while eating, digestive problems, lack of exercise and even intolerance to certain foods such as milk and dairy products.

Lower abdominal pain can also be caused a colon disorder, kidney stones, urine infection or hernia. Diverticulitis, or an infection of the colon and an inflammatory disorder of the bowels also leads to intense pain in the lower abdominal region. Women who suffer from such a pain should also consider the possibilities of pelvic infection or an ectopic pregnancy. It is advisable to consult a doctor to pinpoint the exact reason for your discomfort.

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