Does drinking unsanitized water cause appendicitis?

Causes of appendicitis -

Accumulation of waste and toxic material in caecum, results in appendicitis. It becomes infected, in course of time. There are no pharmacological treatments, associated. Surgical removal or appendectomy is a simple technique of removal of the appendix. The pain which you experience while drinking water might not be associated to this. Consumption of a liter of buttermilk proves beneficial in chronic appendicitis. One of the best home remedies for appendicitis is a cucumber-beet juice in the ratio of 1:3. Around 400 ml is drunk twice a day. A teaspoon of green gram also helps. Vegetable juices, namely spinach, radish and so on are effective relievers of appendicitis. Fever accompanied with appendicitis is reduced by consumption of basil leaves decoction. A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds is boiled in a liter of water. The contents are brought to half and drunk. Herbs such as ginseng play a role in relieving appendicitis. Raw ginger consumed in any form is considered good. A combination of ginger and turmeric helps in reducing the pain and inflammation associated with appendicitis. Whole wheat products in the diet help in preventing digestive disorders and appendicitis.

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