Appendectomy Surgery

by Shaun Damon

The appendix is a tube like structure that is only a few inches long located between the joining of the small and large intestine. The appendix does not seem to perform any function or to really have a purpose in the body. Sometimes though, an individual’s appendix will become inflamed or infected and removed.

Appendicitis is an obstruction of the appendix. This is obstruction is caused from fecal matter. This can cause the appendix to become inflamed. Appendicitis develops very rapidly usually in a period of six to twelve hours.

The appendicitis symptoms are abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, a fever and pain localized around the right side of the abdomen. This pain can become very severe. If an individual feels they might be suffering from appendicitis symptoms it is very important to go to your local Emergency Room immediately.

An appendectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the inflamed or infected appendix from the body. An appendectomy usually takes a few hours to perform and involves a short recovery time. This is considered to be a simple procedure that does not require a long hospital stay.

A vermiform appendix is the blind end tube connected to the cecum. The vermiform appendix can become inflamed or infected and also have to be removed.

Appendicitis usually affects an individual from fifteen years of age to twenty-four years of age. It is still unknown what causes an individual to suffer from appendicitis. Some people believe that appendicitis is caused from a poor diet or from an infection in the body.

Someone who has an appendectomy performed will have a scar from the procedure. There are creams and lotions that can reduce the appearance of the scar. This scar will usually be located near the middle and right side of the abdomen.

Someone who has suffered from an attack of appendicitis will have to stay in the hospital for a few days and then will have to recover at home. The major compliant after the surgical procedure is pain and discomfort in the abdomen. This will go away with time and can be treated with pain medicine.

If you believe that you are suffering from appendicitis it is very important to receive immediate medical attention. If the appendix bursts a patient can become severely ill or even face death. Appendicitis can be treated by a physician or surgeon at your local Hospital.

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