July 26, 2010

Simple Remedies for Skin Problems on Hands and Feet

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Skin problems on hands and feet can vary from person to person. They could be just allergic reactions to the environment, medication or severe skin problems. There are plenty of reasons for skin problems to occur, such as chemicals, exposure to sun, medication, or allergies.

Skin Problems on Hands

Skin problems on hands could be rashes, itchy skin, peeling of skin, extremely dry skin, eczema and other skin problems. The best way to get relief from skin problems on hands is to start avoiding things that irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions. Some possible irritants include soap, gasoline, household cleaners, detergents, aftershave lotions and turpentine. Some soaps may cause irritation while some may make the skin on the hands extremely dry.

Skin Problem on Feet

If the skin on your feet and legs are cracking and peeling with blisters that are filled with fluids, it could be eczema with an infection. The simple solution that might help is applying some non- scented and non-greasy moisturizer after washing the hands and feet well with a mild soap. Pull on cotton gloves and socks to retain the moisture, especially at night.

Sometimes, the medication you have taken could cause allergic reactions 24 to 48 hours after usage. Wait for a few days to see if your hands and feet heal themselves. If they do not heal, you may need to consult your GP as it may be an unrelated skin condition.

With feet, another possibility could be athlete’s foot which is a superficial fungal infection that occurs on the skin of the feet. Irritant contact dermatitis may also occur which is an inflammatory rash that occurs as reaction to chemical injury. Sweaty sock syndrome is another foot disorder where the skin on the feet gets scaly and red on the soles. Besides these there is also pitted keratolysis which is a bacterial infection. The general way to keep the skin of the feet clear of problems is to keep them clean, to wear shoes that breathe, to dry the feet well after every wash and to exercise the feet well. Most infections and skin conditions of the feet are a result of wet and humid conditions.

The general remedies that might help are to correct the surroundings of your home. See that the rooms are kept clean and well aired. Check whether the air- conditioner is well maintained as they may be a source for infections to spread on. Change your personal care products such soap and shampoos if they are the cause for skin problems. In case of persistent skin problems, please consult a dermatologist.