I received sunburn approximately 3 weeks ago and I still have red skin from the burn. Is there anything I can do to heal the underlying tissue?

The first thing you ought to know is that the redness of your skin does not necessarily mean that you have any unhealed underlying tissue. If you suspect this, please consult a doctor and first make sure of it. If you are having a problem of the kind you describe, then you must also follow proper treatment to take care of it. For most part, the description you have provided indicates that you have sensitive skin which takes longer than normal to come back to the original color after sunburn. This, you can be sure, is nothing to worry about.

To lighten your darkness caused due to burning, you can follow some simple methods at home. Applying aloe vera gel is the best way to take care of sunburn. It will not only restore the original color of your skin, it will also help with healing, if required. You can also apply a paste made with turmeric powder, sandal wood powder and rose water to take care of the problem both ways. If you have excessively dry skin, add a bit of clarified butter to this paste as well. This will be of most help in restoring your skin back to its original health.

answered by G M

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