I have hair on my upper lips and it looks dark around my chin area. Please tell me a home remedy for this

It is normal to have fine hair on the upper lip and around the chin. However, if it is a bit thick and dense, it may give the appearance of the skin being discoloured in those areas. The simplest solution for this would be to apply hydrogen peroxide on the entire area evenly and wash it off after about 10 minutes. This will need to be done regularly. Lime juice, which is natural bleach, can also be applied to the area frequently to lighten the colour of the skin. However, if you do this, you must also remember never to go out without applying sun screen, otherwise that area will tan darkly. An alternative is to use a ball of freshly kneaded dough, dip it in olive oil and rub the entire area mildly with it for about 10 minutes. This will help remove excessive hair from the root. If you do this for about a year, you will notice that most of the hair does not grow back. A thick paste of gram flour and yogurt can be applied to the area and rubbed off after it starts to dry. This will bring unwanted hair out with it. Do this at least twice a week for results to show. In order to lighten the colour of skin, a few drops of lime juice can be added to the paste.

answered by G M

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