How can I stop excessive facial hair growth? I am 22 years old and I am not having menses since last 3 months. My weight is also increasing.

Secondary Amenorrhea is the cessation (either temporary or permanent) of a woman's menstrual periods. This condition is generally caused by a hormonal imbalance which often causes changes in weight and hair growth as well as a change in breast size. However, it can also be indicative of more serious problems like polycystic ovary syndrome or an ovarian tumor.
You seem to have the signs of androgen excess or estrogen deficiency.

Your extra weight-mostly due to an increase in muscle mass and excess hair growth (hirsutism) are due to the excess of this hormone. Clotromegaly or the enlargement of the clitoris is another common indication of excess androgen. However, you would have to go in for a complete physical check-up to determine the cause, extent and necessary treatment for your condition.

Amenorrhea is a symptomatic condition of an underlying problem and once you have treated that problem, you will notice a reduction in hair growth as well as the other effects of this condition. While you are undergoing treatment, you can ask your physician if you can use regular cosmetic methods to get rid of unwanted hair. In some cases, doctors prefer that you leave the hair untreated as this is an excellent way to gauge your body's response to the treatment.

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