I am a 22 yrs girl, weight is 80 kg height is 5 ft 4 inches. i do not have regular menses. i have a lot of hair loss. my hair are becoming thin. i have a lot of hair on my body as well on face.

Remedy for irregular menses

  • Eat banana flower and beet root and carrot juice often
  • Take a piece of fresh ginger ground and boiled in a cup of water and this is taken thrice daily after meals along with sugar
  • Licorice syrup helps in delaying menses. Use 1 teaspoon /day
  • 2-3 pinches of turmeric powder added to hot milk at bedtime provides relief
  • Chaste tree, also referred to as vitex or agnus castus, is used to regulate female hormones and alleviate problems such as irregular periods.

Unwanted hair

  • Use turmeric paste made with water and apply to the area. It will take a few weeks. If you are against the yellowness caused, try mixing it with some curd and then apply
  • Apply soy milk twice a day for 20 minutes on the face.

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