How does one use alum to tighten vaginal walls?

Methods to Tighten Vaginal Walls

Alum does cause the membranes of the vagina to contract. However, it is not safe to use it regularly or in large quantities as it can irritate the Vaginal Walls and cause yeast infections. Soak a small piece of alum in a bowl of warm water. After it has completely dissolved, wash yourself with it, trying to make sure that the maximum amount of water goes in. You can also use a syringe (minus the needle of course!) to gently squirt the water in. Try to do this just before you have sexual intercourse as its effects generally wear off in about 30 minutes or so. The pH level of the vagina varies from woman to woman and so the effectiveness of this treatment will depend on your individual pH level. The amount of alum you use as well as the amount of existing moisture also plays a large role. Experiment with different strength solutions until you find one that suits you.

You can also speak to your doctor as he will be able to prescribe an Alum Douche. If your partner has an overly sensitive penis or if he has had a yeast infection, make sure that you use a condom as alum is known to cause discomfort or even pain. Pregnant or lactating woman should not use alum.

I would also suggest that you try Kegel exercises to strengthen your vaginal muscles.

answered by G M

Most women find that with advancing age their vagina gets loose. When a woman has a baby, or even several babies, this can change her body completely. The vagina in particular is affected since child birth can result in the vagina losing its elasticity and becoming slack. A decrease in hormones is cited as another reason for the vagina losing its elasticity and becoming slack. Women find that this increases their incidents of incontinence and leaves them feeling helpless. A slack vagina also means that sexual enjoyment is reduced. Women are willing to try a variety of methods in order to tighten the walls of their vagina hoping this will give them a new lease of life. The market is full of a variety of creams that promise an instant tightening of the vaginal walls. However there is no evidence to support their efficacy. That is why you should be cautious about using any of the products that promise you an instant tightening of your vaginal walls. You should consult your doctor about this and seek his advice on the best course of action. He will be able to advice you on the best course of action to get your vaginal walls tightened.

answered by M W

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