Have you heard of a vinegar bath for a sore/irritated vaginal area?

Natural Treatment for Sore Vaginal Region

Infection in the vagina is caused due to a number of factors, such as bacteria, trichomoniasis, yeast and sexually transmitted diseases. Treatment depends on the kind of infection. Yoghurt in the diet has active cultures that help in treatment of vaginal sores. Garlic is also used as a suppository. Place a clove of garlic in wire gauze and insert in the vagina. This possesses anti bacterial and fungistatic action.

Alcohol, mushrooms, yeast and fermented products are completely avoided from the diet, thereby preventing the entry of fungi in the diet. Douching requires care. Medical assistance is taken if required. Herbs such as goldenseal, yarrow, marshmallow root and calendula are used of preparation of douches. Sweets and sugar are completely abstained from. Refined carbohydrates and fruits are also not included, as sugar serves as a food for yeast.

Acidophilus is helpful, as it helps in restoring the bacterial flora. Biotin inhibits the growth of yeast: therefore biotin supplementation is recommended. Soaking the vaginal area in a tub of warm water with half a cup of vinegar is an effective method to treat vaginal sores.

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