I've been suffering from vaginal infection for some time now. Kindly suggest some remedies to cure vaginal infection.

Vaginal Bacteria infection, bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis refers to an inflammation of the vagina, caused due to an imbalance in the bacteria lining the vagina. When the vaginal balance is disrupted due overgrowth of the bacteria which in turn prevent the protective bacteria from functioning properly it leads to an inflammation of the vagina. It can also occur due to the use of chemical products, such as hygiene products, bubble bath, laundry detergents, contraceptive foams and jellies, and synthetic underwear which could have irritated the vagina. Apart from discomfort, other symptoms of vaginal infection include a white discharge, itching and a fishy odor. Women in their reproductive years are more susceptible to vaginal bacteria infection, as are women experiencing menopause, those suffering from diabetes, women using an intrauterine device (IUD) and sexually active women with multiple partners.

In order to prevent vaginal infections, it is important to keep the genital area clean and hygienic by washing daily using a mild soap and wiping it dry after your bath. It is also important to clean and wipe properly after urinating and defecating to prevent to bacteria from being transferred to the vagina. You should avoid douching frequently especially with medicated douches since they reduce the acidity of the vagina and increase chances of infection. Apart from this, it is recommended to wear comfortable, absorbent clothing and cotton undergarments which do not irritate the genital skin. These steps will help to keep the acid level of the vagina in control and thus alleviate the possibility of infections. If you are suffering from a vaginal infection, take care to stick to a strict routine of hygiene. You can also use a sanitary napkin or tampon soaked in yoghurt to restore to balance of good bacteria in your genital area and combat the infection. Above all, improve your diet and focus on improving the over-all immunity of your system. You should avoid breads, pasta, baked foods, sweets, and alcohol and food allergens. Your diet should include plenty of yoghurt, garlic and fresh vegetables. Cranberry juice is beneficial in treating vaginal bacterial infections. Ayurvedic treatments which combine several Ayurvedic herbs are available in the market and can be consumed to combat the infection. Beneficial herbs include ashok chal, lodhra, dhataki, udumbur, gokshur, lauh bhasam, agnimantha, patla, gambhari, nimb twak, gandhak rasayan, khadir, haridra, vidang and palash. You should avoid the over-the-counter ointments available to treat bacterial infections. Consult a doctor for adequate treatment if these remedies do not work.

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