I have eczema on my whole body and right now my hands are really irritated and swollen what do you do for areas of the body swelling

Eczema natural treatment 

Eczema can really ruin your life and keep you confined to your house. If your eczema does not clear up over a long period of time you should consider consulting a doctor.

You can use some easy home remedies to treat your problems.  You can get some nutmeg paste by simply  rubbing  a nutmeg against a smooth stone. Add a few drops of water at short intervals, this will generate a smooth paste.. This should  be gently smeared on the eczema affected area.  You can also grind a tablespoon of margosa leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder to create a paste. This can be left on the affected areas.

Camphor is an effective ingredient to cure the itching. You can crumble the camphor in a tablespoon of warm oil- coconut is usually the most effective though you can use olive or even sesame oil.  This oil should be gently applied on the affected area. Another paste that you can make involves sandalwood paste. Make some sandalwood paste and then add a couple of crumbled camphor to this.    

You should also treat yourself to regular oatmeal baths. Mix a cupful of powdered oatmeal in the bath water and then enjoy a good soak in this.  This will help the itching and the swelling go down. You can also try dipping a handkerchief in this mixture and then applying on the  areas where you experience the worst itching.

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