Natural treatment for underarm eczema

Eczema is basically a condition wherein the skin on any part of your body becomes extremely dry. In fact the dryness is so extreme that it becomes difficult to control. The underarms are an unusual place to develop eczema in. But you should be aware that eczema rarely stays in one place. It is the kind of problem that spreads quite easily and quickly. So it is imperative to take care of it at once. Since the underarms are a place where there is always moisture in terms of perspiration, it is quite essential that you keep the moisture away. This is going to be particularly challenging. Begin by wearing only cotton clothing. Make it a rule, as this is the kind of clothing that will always absorb all moisture. You should also make it a point to always use medicated talcum powder in your underarms. There are plenty of medicated talcum powders easily available in pharmacies that can be used to not only help with absorption of perspiration, but will also help towards removing your itching. Typically, eczema is accompanied with itching. So this will help you in two ways. Get the strongest product that is available in this category.

You should also make it a point to keep your underarms free of hair. If you have to shave for this, go right ahead. This is particularly important, as hair will cause the moisture to remain there. Hair has a tendency to trap moisture as well as dry particles. These need to be removed in order for you to be free of eczema. Maintaining absolute cleanliness is absolutely important for taking care of eczema. One of the best products to use for getting rid of dry skin is olive oil. You should apply a light layer of olive oil to your underarms but only at night. If you apply this during the day, the perspiration will increase and cause further problems. It is also preferable to use a hypo allergenic and natural soap to wash off. When suffering from eczema, applying perfume of any kind is absolutely prohibited. This is because perfumes usually contain alcohol, which will always worsen dryness of the skin. You can also apply milk cream to your underarms and leave it there for about half an hour each day. This will also help to take care of the eczema. Try these remedies for at least a couple of weeks for best results.

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