Tips For Treating Stiff And Swollen Painful Hand: Swollen hands?

Swelling of the hands can be caused by many factors, and in order to properly diagnose the problem, one would need to examine your hands in order to see the type and extent of swelling. You have also not provided any details at all that could help provide some clues as to the nature of this swelling. Is there any pain, or itching, or burning, or any other sensation? Such information and even symptoms that seem entirely unrelated, could be very helpful in diagnosing your problem.

One of the most common reasons for swelling of the hands is trauma. A forceful blow or some other kind of injury is the most likely cause of such a swelling, and as long as there is no fracture or tearing of a ligament or muscles, there is nothing to worry about; the swelling will go down in a few days, and in the meanwhile you can apply an ice pack to your hands several times a day.

Other factors that could cause your hands to swell up include dehydration, a kidney problem, a thyroid problem, or a diet problem, such as an excess of salt. All these problems would have other symptoms as well, so you need to describe anything you are experiencing when you are describing your problem to your doctor.

answered by M W

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