Treating Skin Rash Due To Nickel At Home

Nickel, a silver hued metal is found in many forms of costume jewelry and in trace amounts is also found in foods such as chocolate and nuts. Nickel allergy is a form of allergy where the skin reacts adversely to certain substances that it is in contact with. Some other things that may also contain nickel include bath-plugs, vacuum cleaners, cutlery, toasters, and other such common house-hold objects.

One way to immediately ease the itchiness and discomfort caused by the body rash is to take a cool or lukewarm bath. In cases of skin allergies it is best to use really mild bathing products. Avoid tea-tree oil and other such essences as they can inflame certain skin allergies due to their concentrated effect. You could try a range of baby care products at such times, as they are both mild and pleasantly scented. After the bath tap yourself dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing and abrading the skin. You may also use cold compresses instead of a bath to soothe the inflammation. Adding some organic rose water to the cold compresses can enhance the effect.

You can make sure you keep your skin hydrated by using mild and hypoallergenic skin moisturizers. There is a range of mild, non-irritating creams available that will moisturize the skin without overwhelming it with chemicals. You can use light almond oil or vitamin-e oil, both of which are not overly greasy. Make sure there are no other additives.

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