my skin color is fair but there is a bit tan at the back of neck. So what should I do?

Natural Remedies for Tan Neck

How long has this tan been there? Do you wear anything around your neck? It might be due to jewellery allergy? Neck is generally a forgotten area. The amount of care it receives is much lesser than the face. Always wash your neck, every time, you wash your face. A foundation or powder used on the face should be extended to the neck. Always use upward stroke while applying creams on your neck. This will help in making it soft and supple.

A good toner for your neck is prepared by mixing 3 teaspoons of borax powder with 2 tablespoons of glycerin. Add 2 cups of rose water to it and apply the paste on your face and neck. This technique helps in lightening the neck color and softening the same. Place equal amounts of lanolin and butter in a pan. Put this pan in a vessel of boiling water and beat well. Apply this cream on the face and neck. Leave it overnight and rinse well in the morning.

A paste made of gram flour with milk and honey is an effective way to lighten skin color. A sunscreen with high SPF or sun protection factor is recommended, as it protects the skin from tanning. A paste of fresh mint leaves paste is helpful, when left on the neck for 20 minutes. A paste of turmeric powder and lime juice is also beneficial, as lime is a natural bleach. If none of these remedies help you, visit your dermatologist for help.

answered by Dr C

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