How can I brighten my skin as I'm fair but certain areas like back, neck and waist is black in color?

It is quite common for people to have dark skin in areas such as back, neck and waist in spite of being fair on the rest of the body. There might be various reasons as to why this happens. One of them could be tight clothing. Some people usually wear tight pants or tight jeans, which press against the waist and as time passes, the skin in that area becomes dark due to the friction. The neck area gets affected if you are fond of wearing jewelry. Due to sweat and the element of the jewelry, the skin might get affected and eventually turn dark. There are various home remedies for dark skin. Firstly, make a paste of lemon juice, turmeric powder, salt and honey. Mix the ingredients well and apply on the darkened areas of the skin. Repeat the procedure two to three times in a day for seven days. You will soon see the difference on your skin.

Another way of treating dark skin would be by mixing milk with cocoa butter and adding a few drops of honey and repeat the above procedure. Lime juice is also considered to be one of the key elements for the treatment of dark skin. Lime should be mixed with turmeric powder and apply on the dark areas of the skin for a few minutes at least twice in a day. This method will help you achieve fairer skin within a week. These methods are considered to be the most effective in dark skin treatment. After the problem has been resolved, it is recommended to take care of your skin from then on, so that the problem does not occur again. Whenever you go out in the sun, make sure you are wearing a sunscreen lotion so that you do not get tanned. Another precaution would be to use a soap that is gentle on your skin.

answered by S C

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