How to get rid of tan on arms,underarms,legs and neck to get instant results?

A sun tan is caused when a particular area of the skin is over exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. There are many home remedies you could use in order to get rid of a sun tan. These remedies include preventive as well as curative measures that you would need to adopt while dealing with the symptoms of a sun tan, which are essentially darkened patches of skin.

Preventive Measures:

  • Avoid stepping out in the sun from 9 am in the morning to 3 pm in the afternoon, as the sun is most harmful during this period of the day. If you must go out, make sure you cover yourself well. In your case, you will need to wear a full sleeved shirt or top with a collar in order to avoid further pigmentation from taking place on your arms and neck. You will also need to wear full length pants or skirts as your legs seem to be affected too.
  • In addition to this, it will be extremely beneficial to rub a sun screen lotion over the affected areas, as well as other areas of your skin that are constantly exposed to direct sunlight. The sun screen lotion will help your body protect itself from the sun, thus reducing the release of melanin from the melanocyte cells that are primarily responsible for the occurrence of hyperpigmentation. You can also avail of water proof sunscreen lotion in case you go swimming.

Curative measures:

  • You can reduce the effect of a sun tan by applying aloe vera gel or juice on the darkened skin. Aloe vera will soothe your skin and keep it moisturized.
  • In order to get rid of the tan you will need to exfoliate your skin twice a week for 3 weeks, reducing the process to once a week thereafter. Slice a lemon and rub it over the areas of your arms, neck and legs that have been darkened from a sun tan. After 5 minutes using a loofa as a body scrub, gently rub the areas to which you applied the lemon earlier, in circular motions. Lemons are nature’s most effective bleaching agent. The loofa helps in the process of exfoliation. The process of exfoliation works by getting rid of the old darkened skin, and revealing the fresh layer of skin present beneath it.  
  • Remember to wash your skin thoroughly using a mild herbal soap after exfoliating it. Lemon juice will make your skin feel dry; therefore, applying a moisturizer after washing your skin will ensure that your skin retains its moisture content.

This treatment will take some time to display effective results as it is a natural remedy. However, if you want quick results you could use a glycolic peel or an AHA bleaching mask. Both of these are chemical peels that help remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, and help reveal a fresh layer of skin. Unfortunately, they do have their limitations, and in some cases cause severe skin irritation and blotching.

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