Is there any remedies to tan your skin? I would love to be darker and I can not afford to go to tanning bed or buy sunless tanner?

Tan Skin - Read ways and tips to tan your skin

If you are really keen to get darker and become a dark beauty then I have some of the very good ways of getting your skin tan. Prolonged exposure to sun is obviously one of the most effective ways of skin tanning. Unfortunately, this exposure can result in burning sensation and other skin disorders such as skin cancer.

To prevent the occurrence of skin cancer, there are even better ways to get your skin tanned. One of the nest way is to use skin tanner. To use skin tanner, you need to first exfoliate your face and neck. Next morning wash your face and neck. Pat dry the skin area and apply skin tanner. Before application ensure that you blend the tanner with a good moisturizer. You will see the results immediately after 4 to 5 hours of application.

If you can't afford to use skin tanner, you can sit in front of a tanning lamp for a longer time. A sunscreen with SPF 8 can also help you to get a darker skin. After applying sun screen lotion, moisturize your skin with aloe vera. Aloe vera will help to last your tan skin. These days many tanning creams and lotions are available in the market.

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