I have a problem with my skin it is rash over all my body with swelling and itching and pain please help me and my muscles hurt so much that I cant walk

Home remedies for skin rash

Massage your body with olive oil everyday before going to bed at night.
You can apply cod liver oil, vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera gel to the rashes 2 to 3 times daily.

You can also use baking soda on the affected area or wash the area with chamomile tea.
Make a poultice with chaparral, yellow dock root and dandelion and use it regularly to treat the rashes.

Pour a cup of raw and uncooked oatmeal in a bath tub and soak in it for at least half an hour everyday. It will reduce inflammation and provide relief from pain.
To prepare calcium water, mix 1 tsp of calcium gluconate powder in 1 cup of water and stir it thoroughly. Now, soak a cloth in it and apply all over the rashes. You can substitute calcium water with comfrey tea.

Avoid using scrub or soap to clean your body till the rashes diminish.
Wear lose, cotton and comfortable clothes for letting the skin breathe and preventing the rashes from aggravating due to unsuitable clothing.
Take a bath from warm or lukewarm water. Keep your skin from exposing to hot water or direct sunlight.

Be careful while using any body lotions and keep your skin dry.

answered by D D

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