How to make mustard poultice

Poultices are soft and moist mass mainly used for providing heat and moisture to the skin. It can be warmed either by replacing it entirely or by placing a heating pad over it. One should never reuse a poultice.

It is very easy and useful to prepare mustard poultice. Take powdered mustard and blend it well with water. Amount of water required completely depends on the consistency of the mustard powder and the desired thickness of the paste. You may even require adding some amount of flour to thicken the paste and hold it together. Wrap this prepared mixture in a cheesecloth or muslin cloth. Place the cloth over the affected skin area and cover with a plastic wrap.

Mustard poultice is mainly used for various skin conditions and is believed to one of the most powerful and stimulating applications. It induces a burning sensation and excites a negative outward inflammation that enters deep into the skin layers to kill infections and pull out intoxications. This poultice also helps in increasing blood circulation, thereby assisting in healthy and beautiful skin.

Before using mustard poultice, certain amount of care is required. The poultice should not be directly applied to the skin. Avoid using it on broken and sensitive skin.

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